Welcome to the University of Wyoming Geological Museum’s blog on the exhibit design process. Here you can find all the behind-the-scenes stories of the work that goes into transforming an exhibit from idea to reality.

If you’re interested in all the science behind the artwork, go to the “Research” menu. All the posts there explain how scientists figure out what paleo environments might have looked like.

Looking to find out more about the artwork itself? The “Design” menu will take you to all the posts that reveal our artists’ design process, from initial sketches and reference materials to the tools they use.

To learn how we take a digital file and turn it into a working diorama, check out the posts under “Realize“. We use a variety of different means to make the exhibits come to life, and you can learn more about each one here.

Finally, you can go to our home page for basic info and online exhibits, or visit our Facebook page for updates on events. Ask us a question on Facebook or Twitter, or leave a comment on your favorite blog post!


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